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Diamond Mines Error


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Okay, so not sure olif anyone has had the same issue but heres something i picked up (cant see how this could be a feature) 


Game: Mines

Mines: 12

99% of the time I would select a certain 'box', the game would recognize my choice by having my selected option animate but it stops there, it doesnt reveal whether its a diamond or a mine - ive captured a video where the exact same box is selected 3 times and doesnt reveal - only the auto select button is oushed does it pick a random other box which is then a mine and i loose but get this - my original option wil 9/10 times be a diamond. 


Surely this isnt a feature, this restricts users from making choices in the game

Could you look jnto this please bc.game and if needed please provide a platform to which i couls load video content


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