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I wass betting red and wass red 1.16 but money gone and last bet is diferent how is possibile ?


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Game's hash


Amount of games

Game's hash Bust
2f972642ed2ac47abba4d45641b681a070a8a02b7a77a842d1913e02d033a3ef 1.79
72b3159ac8b00600994845a9cd10b9fc056acd2dfe652ba8d3d0283ec7a27a23 1.54
04fd4c18887fb0ea12ab7b4d8360d06925a26d11701f264faff16bb7fb40b195 1.42
28cc407f1d889388a5bfd1d576f3df8ccd975b00c0aedc8347d550d9eecc00e4 2.03
358e8ff5abfabbf74c74418ef2cd2d683699f98e5dd5584c831bc1a0a5875cf9 30.79
1e0b019561723c4fa00b7d233476d8188d7dd073deb19c61d7cddd9ce5c936c3 1.16
f8bacd6f5bbaf7d8a0637cfbd677d1debb2b453b770d21565e9b26aa87484d92 67.87
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