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Do u guys have same problem while playing Limbo game?


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I've just lost more than $5000 playing Limbo game,.

I play payout only 1.98 meaning that If I bet $1, if it appear in Green, I get $0.98 back. If it appears in Red, I will lose $1. 

So there should be 50/50 probability for my case.

Anyway the game always appears Red more than Green. The more money I bet, the more time Red appears. This look unfair. I've  lost my hard-earned money by this system. There should be 50/50 chance for this game, but in fact Red always appears more than Green. I've also tested with Auto bet 100 Rows many times. The longer I test, the more money I lose, and my balance always decreases! 

Please check my attach files as proof. These are all bets in rows. 

 U will see clearly when u test it yourself ! this proves is not equal, and on the website, there is no recognition from the best-known Audit or regulator company!

 I really need your all help for this case, and want you all to test together and share the result:

1- Game : Limbo

2- Autobet : 100 Bets

3- Time of testing : 20 Times

4- Payout : 1.98 only 

Please comment how your result? how your balance before play and after play.

I already contacted with Mods, but they just sent me the text to read. I finish read it all, but it look like it just theory, in practically, Limbo is not a fair game. I need solution for this. I need compensate for my lose. I need you all help together to make fairness in the game. 

Thank you ! 

Capture 1.PNG

Capture 2.PNG

Capture 3.PNG


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