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Elliptic Curve Genesis Blockchain Converter


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The current blockchain supports both public ledger and private ledger. From my experience only private key ledger transactions are safe.

Without getting into opinionated details as to which are better and for specific purpose. Public transactions are irrecoverable and require a greater hassle, compared to transactions that include private keys. I sent money to 03e3a80ccc0caa04f1121a23907ec3d5f5b3b81ef4db33c77930a4b748c3439f2d that is the public key for 1PaFLFzS3zJN43GuF6PWUPXSenVbrSdh97 wallet address. After using several different clients including the blockchain.com website, then I never recovered my money. The funds were all lost.


I used 5JkUwnaVtH7mgChtxjUuvEdrgDScNC1v2uXguVB2wV3UBXtxVcR that is the private key for 1LzAJDCHuK8gPq9TyyhLhAByP8QDAkhkUU wallet address and of course I was able to access all of my money.


In this example you will notice that I am presenting the output format for a new Genesis. Similar websites and likewise software is utilizing the elliptic curve algorithm to solve the question that cryptocurrency is not infinite.



As humans, not machines, capable of adapting to new algorithms and immediate updates. We feel slightly different. Bitcoin is here to stay and its going to never disappear. With that being said also comes the concept of mining.

When Bitcoin was first fabricated rather than invented, mining occurred at the "Genesis Block". This new "Genesis Blockchain" will allow humans to further grasp online cryptocurrency transactions with greater intelligence and without fear of development cost.

Each and every block will interpret as new computer chip algorithms. Larger block sizes can include much more data and transaction hashing gives us the power to manipulate cryptocurrency at the spending level. Current CPU architectures requires caching data and various exponential levels of visibility. However, cryptographic and security algorithms will replace critical transparent flaws.

With this new form of Genesis Blockchain the fundamental layer of transaction hashing does not happen to correspond with theft, brute-force, or even violence.

ह ट म ल  

ه ت م ل   (ADDRESS)

哈は她タ嘛麻咯ラ   (ADDRESS)
CPU    (HEX)








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