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BC Game: Scam Artists, Chester's, and False Accusers


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This site is total bullshit! They lie to their players and make false accusations towards the ones who do well just to get them off the platform. It was proven by a computer tech at MIT in Boston, MA, USA that this site uses bots to screw their players over. They made an accusation at me that I put up a post about some mods need to be banned (totally agree with it but sadly wasn't I who posted it) when it was actually posted by someone else. They didn't even bother to read the who the author was those fucking pieces of shit! Especially Danny777, BCGame_Joe and a lot of the other shitty newbies on here. FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING LOSERS! I HOPE YOUR COUNTRIES GET FUCKING NUKED INTO A NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST! AND THAT ALL YOU ADMIN AND MODS DIE FROM CHOKING ON YOUR FUCKING LUNCH! BITCHES!!!

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