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Unfair rules vs newbie depositor


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In order to provide you a better site experience, we made some updates:

šŸ“Œ Chatroom Rule Sending a message in any chat room requires depositing any amount and wagering 50 USD.

>why this rule been implemented?Ā 

>in consideration of new users to provideĀ deposits just to start chatting...this is not fair for new users after depositing and bust and begging in chat rooms,

>not all users have the ideal to prevent their deposits from getting bust in the first place, so after the bust what do they get then? they start begging in the chat room to get them back what they deposit or to get the level required to get rain and grab drops... they will ask other players to help them because they lose their 50$ deposit...

>rain and drops must lower the level required in level 1 or after deposit to provide new users who deposited to get rain and grab and start their journey in bcgame in a little compensation they can get on it and not getting disappointed after getting busted the money they deposit and start yelling their lose and begging for some help.

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